another road ahead

A showery day is a good time to head up to the clifftops and see what drama the weather is creating. It was creating quite a lot, as it happens. You probably need to zoom in a little to see how glassy calm the sea was, with it even reflecting the passing clouds, but the... Continue Reading →

cornish hedge

Some exposed stonework in a traditional Cornish hedge, all the stones selected one at a time for the best fit, by eye and experience, as it was being built by hand many years ago, and no doubt now providing a whole dry and relatively warm ecosystem of its own for all sorts of nature. There... Continue Reading →

the road ahead

I've got quite used to the one picture a week posting schedule. It seems quite manageable to find one picture worth posting on my blog, once a week.

more trees

I like doing pictures of trees. They tend to just stand there, waiting for me to sort myself out, unlike some other subjects. And out of the twenty or thirty or so 'experimental' pictures I took on this walk, I think there were actually two quite good ones. Experimental probably isn't the right word for... Continue Reading →

millook cliffs

I was doodling around on the social site Mastodon when I saw a very familiar sight. Someone had posted a shot of the fabulous Millook cliffs, and talked in his post about how he had waited for a woman walking up the beach to enter the frame, to give an idea of the scale of... Continue Reading →

white poppy

I have an account on the social network that is making headlines at the moment. Mastodon, previously a little-known geek project (certainly was when I first tried it in 2017 anyway), is growing rapidly due to the meltdown of Twitter and its new owner, and a huge escaping herd of tweeters are migrating that way... Continue Reading →

profile pic

I noticed that I have never actually posted the full version of the picture I use for my profile image. It was taken in St Ives, Cornwall, a few years ago, and as you might quickly gather from the fact I took it, the man and dog in it are not me and my dog,... Continue Reading →

autumn glow

Towards the evening, diffusely lit by a typically grey-skied and damp sort of autumn day, our Ash tree seemed to be glowing

is it art? no. not yet.

I was reading an interesting Guardian interview with the veteran photographer Ferdinando Scianna - you can find it here - and he offered up this thought about what photography should be considered as being art.

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