northcott mouth, bude

You know, I really should go out and take some new photographs, because I am running low on pictures that I took a while ago that I've not published on here so far.

soft rock

Just a few miles northwards, the rock at the coast is noticeably different to that at our local beach. It is softer, so erodes with a completely different feel to the textures and shapes visible. The barnacles and limpets certainly love it, and I think the limpets have had something to do with the creation... Continue Reading →

up to date

You may have noticed that I have recently tried to post more frequently and regularly than I have managed before -- in fact posting as many of my pictures in the last few weeks as I did for each of the two previous whole years -- but nothing has particularly changed with the amount of... Continue Reading →


It's a rare day when neither of us is working, so we could go to take a clifftops walk with the dog together. Even rarer was the bright and relatively still day recently. Dark, grey, soaking wet and extremely windy days, the sort when you wish you had chosen a hamster for a pet and... Continue Reading →

the budleigh pines

In the excitement of not knowing what weekday it was between Christmas and New Year, I forgot to post a picture yesterday. This one is from the distant past when I lived in Devon. These pine trees, perched on what is now a high bank with the mouth of the snaking river Otter estuary gradually... Continue Reading →

another road ahead

A showery day is a good time to head up to the clifftops and see what drama the weather is creating. It was creating quite a lot, as it happens. You probably need to zoom in a little to see how glassy calm the sea was, with it even reflecting the passing clouds, but the... Continue Reading →

cornish hedge

Some exposed stonework in a traditional Cornish hedge, all the stones selected one at a time for the best fit, by eye and experience, as it was being built by hand many years ago, and no doubt now providing a whole dry and relatively warm ecosystem of its own for all sorts of nature. There... Continue Reading →

the road ahead

I've got quite used to the one picture a week posting schedule. It seems quite manageable to find one picture worth posting on my blog, once a week.

more trees

I like doing pictures of trees. They tend to just stand there, waiting for me to sort myself out, unlike some other subjects. And out of the twenty or thirty or so 'experimental' pictures I took on this walk, I think there were actually two quite good ones. Experimental probably isn't the right word for... Continue Reading →

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