About Bear

Based in North Cornwall, I’m now taking photographs after a long career selling lots of the fancy gear, retail and wholesale, to other people who wanted to take photographs.

I like using Black and White mainly, but I have been exploring creating more abstract and impressionistic imaging in colour, using a deliberate camera moving technique. Landscape features most often (Cornwall in the UK does good landscape) but I do see pictures I want to take in all sorts of abandoned architecture, tiny close-up details and nature too.

I have no pretensions of being the kind of ‘keen photographer’ who gets up at the crack of dawn to capture the best light, gets excited by gear or gadgets, or can spend hours talking relative merits of lenses and the latest techniques. It’s not an all-encompassing passion. Possibly it was once, before I was in the trade and yakking on about nothing else, for eight hours a day for over twenty years, but that was so long ago I can’t remember it now.

I do enjoy the creative outlet of photography and the image processing that is a major part of it — but it’s just more often in sporadic bursts of relative enthusiasm rather than a continuous, consuming obsession.

My shots are what I decided to take, on the day and time I was there – I don’t go out looking for specific ideas for shots in advance much. Perhaps I should.

I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, so I like to spend some time – when the disease clobbers me for walking – by sitting and perhaps doing a bit of image editing instead. When it clobbers me for even thinking about anything, I just go to sleep.

I post occasional end results up on this blog, just so if anyone ever asks “Do you display your photos anywhere Bear?” I have somewhere to direct them.

I also make some available to buy — I won’t be eating well on the proceeds of that, but it’s lovely to get the emails showing my pictures, framed, and on someone’s wall a long way from Cornwall. And it keeps the site free of those junky adverts from WordPress too.

If you happen to like my pictures, I’m very glad you have enjoyed them, and I hope you can pop in to have a look another time soon.



Prints and cards available at
Redbubble and Pixels,
where there are a selection of some other images in all sorts of buying options
(Art, Canvas and Framed prints, and the popular greetings cards and notebooks)
It only takes a couple of small sales to keep the site ad-free, so do have a look if you have time. Thanks.

For social media, I do have a new account on the Mastodon network.

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