the household’s man with a camera

This is how it goes.

“You know how to take photographs… can you take some pictures of my work for me?”

This is a new thing for me. I am used to making a shot out of what is in front of me, outdoors, using technique and composition to make the picture, but perhaps in a way which makes that interesting or a bit different. The subject and arrangement of all the elements in the scene are already there — my ‘skill’ is in seeing it and then making my picture how I want to show it.

Still life/product/studio type photography is…. well, a completely different discipline and one that I’ve never been particularly interested in doing really.

I know a little bit, but it’s more creating the image entirely. It’s backwards from how I enjoy photography, and I struggle with the required imagination to have ideas about what to do. I have to create everything that is in the picture, and the actual pressing of a shutter button to capture it with a camera is reduced to being the technical bit you have to do at the end in order to record the scene you’ve made.

And then you import the pictures for processing and see it nice and large on the bigger screen, and see all the mistakes you’ve made, and think of all the improvements you can do next… you fiddle and preen and spend inordinate amounts of time tweaking and double checking… and repeat…

These are far from perfect — I’ve got to figure out a few things with the reflections on highly glazed work — but I think I’m getting there, slowly.

But I don’t like it as much as my normal way of doing things.

Also, the client is my wife, so the pay isn’t good.

She is Jayne Randall Pottery on Instagram, here.

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  1. Oh wow; I love her work! And you did an excellent job, particularly on the two details. If only I had the resources right now I’d buy one myself, but international shipping… I’ll have to wait till I make my millions! πŸ˜‰

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