wavecrash 8741

I occasionally go through my picture files to see if there’s anything that will benefit from a fresh look, or just a new go at the processing.

I take my pictures in RAW format. This gives more processing room than a JPEG format image already made by the cameras settings, and means each revisiting of the original file leaves it untouched by any processing applied, so I can create many new and completely different JPEG images from it if I want.

On this occasion, I found a whole day’s worth of shooting that I had never processed before at all. It’s like finding an unexpected five pound note in the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn for ages.

Anyway, this is wavecrash 8741, taken in 2019 and previously ignored for some reason.

Click image to make a full tab view.

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4 thoughts on “wavecrash 8741

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  1. This and the ones in the last post are as engrossing as watching the real thing. I was about to comment on the previous that you have got the technique down but clearly it was working for you years ago!

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