Last week, a gallery of rockshapes, this week a few alternative shots of the stream that flows out, over, or through the beach (all three really), with the force and speed of it determined by how much rainfall has swollen the two separate streams that join up just behind it. They seep, flow or gush into the sea at Crackington Haven, sometimes meandering gently out to sea, tiny rivulets barely visible out of the banks of pebbles, other times rushing, creating a straight route and a deeply carved channel in the beach, getting right down to the bedrock with its strength.

I have used the Intentional Camera Movement technique here. A lot of landscape photographers use a slow shutter speed with the camera on a tripod to keep the scene sharp, but any moving water appears extremely soft, like a ribbon. A fast shutter speed can freeze the flow, to let you see all the individual splashes frozen in mid air and in time, like ice.

Here, I’ve used the camera handheld with a slowish shutter and panned it, close up and in the general direction of the flow of the water, giving me the movement of all the different currents created by the assorted stones underneath, but retaining some of their colour detail as well.

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  1. Now, I love these, what beautiful movement and colours. They really evoke the power of the water. You are a clever bunny, Bear!


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