I have gathered a small gallery of images together, looking at the interesting rock formations at the beach.

They have been weathered and eroded so variably by millions of years of nature’s geological and tidal processes — some all straight edges and angles, many more sculpted, smoothed and curvy — and are mostly all irregularly marked with contrasting quartz lines. Although obviously visible when taken, the rock does appear and disappear regularly — and apparently varies in relative height — as each tide brings greater or lesser amounts of sand and shingle in with it.

They are all square format pictures. I just like how a square feels like your attention is deliberately directed and is all neatly contained in this small section of the larger scene.

Click on any picture to start a full screen slideshow.

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    1. This time of year it’s pretty much ours (locals) to wander about on. After Easter, the rest of the country comes to play on it, so I tend to keep to the clifftops then!

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