I called this one ‘wavecrash’.

I’m full of creative and imaginative stuff like that.

Click on the picture for a full tab version. Not on a photo store yet, but it can be!

10 thoughts on “wavecrash

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    1. Ahh… this is it! This effect is created at picture taking time, not added to on computer later, so there’s nothing to revert to.
      I use a light reducing filter on the camera and then move it while the shutter is open, with the longer than usual shutter speed and my chosen movements during it creating these effects.

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  1. Wow. You caught it in just such a way that it turned to ice. Definitely put this one on the Redbubble! I love to send these as cards and tell people how they’re made.

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    1. Hi Sun, I couldn’t find the original file to process a bigger resolution one from at first, but eventually it turned up! Newly processed and uploaded (colours probably vary slightly as I was using a different programme then.)

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