abstract 1103

Possibly the most abstracted image I have posted on here yet. It was taken using the Intentional Camera Movement technique — a stand of sparse trees on the edge of the moorland on an overcast day, panning the camera vertically while the shutter is open.

I’m not sure that knowing what it is before it became this is that important. But I do know that, if I was an artist with paints, that I wouldn’t have the imagination to have painted it from scratch this way.

The title is simple enough by the way, just it’s ‘abstract’ followed by the frame count number for the image from my camera.

Click to open image in a new tab.

Available now from Pixels

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  1. I’m no art critic, and abstract stuff usually leaves me blank. But I like this piece; for some reason, it conjures up a feeling of sadness. Rain on a windowpane? Crying? Quite possibly it’s because I read your description before looking at it, and now I want to see those trees… but never will.

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    1. Ahh… well if you’re ever on the way to Roughtor on the lane that passes Crowdy Reservoir, via Davidstow woods up on the old WW11 airfield, you can… Or I can send you a ‘before’ picture!

      There is much in current photography that similarly leaves me cold — super-saturated, high sharpness, ghostly water landscape kind of stuff, and I think am vexed by a lot of abstract, especially when the rationalising part of your brain (‘but what is it meant to be?’) tries to ‘make sense’ of it, but as you say, sometimes an image just inexplicably bypasses that part.

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      1. It’s quite a trek from here to there, but maybe I’ll visit that neck of the woods again someday.

        The camera in my dumbphone is good for some things, but if it can take pictures of the Moon (for instance) then there’s a config option that eludes me; I can never get any detail; all I get are blobs. I keep meaning to get myself a decent camera (though I’d have no clue what ‘decent’ is). So much to do, so little time.

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        1. Ah, yes — assuming you meant ‘CAN’T take pictures of the Moon’ — most automatic cameras meter the light as an average of the brightness levels in the picture, so you typically have the two extremes with a Moon one… very bright Moon, very dark sky… it ends up taking the average brightness mixed overall, therefore getting both woefully wrong. If you have any sort of manual mode, you need to ‘under-expose’ massively to stop the brightness of the Moon burning out to a white blob…

          If you can’t do that, a decent camera is any one that offers some manual controls… ‘old’ digital cameras with interchangeable lenses (both DSLR and Mirrorless system cameras) can be dead cheap used, because the megapixel tech moved on fast, but they’re still relevant and useful cameras… the fundamentals of photography didn’t change, the tech they want to sell you always does.

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