pixels shop revamp (and a new photo)

I’ve been renewing some content on my Pixels print shop today. In truth, since re-opening the account there in 2020, it hasn’t seen much love — from either me or anyone else. However, as I do see an email from them telling me even my old images on there have been looked at every week, I thought perhaps I’d give it a bit of attention.

I actually like the Pixel image uploading process more than the one at Redbubble. Once I’ve set my defaults on Pixel, I don’t have to remember to go down through disabling the products I don’t want my pictures to be on. If I forget that part of it on the Redbubble uploader, my shop on there ends up offering my pictures on shower curtains, socks and tank tops, amongst other things, and I very much do not want them on that sort of product.

However, I do allow them both to put the pictures on things like greeting cards, they make a great way of gifting a little bit of art for not much cash.

Balanced against that is the fact that Pixels, being a part of Fine Art America, haven’t heard of metric measurements — not even offering an option to have them — but inch measurements are probably more familiar in the photographic print context anyway, given that a well-known format like a 10 x 8 print comes out at 25.4 x 20.3cm in metric, for example. They also capitalise my titles when I deliberately haven’t — some ‘land of the free’… sorry, ‘Land of the Free’ they’ve got over there.

Anyway, the shop is here if you want to have a look.

You may notice the first image on the screenshot is a new one I’ve added, so I’ll post that here to try to make up for the thinly disguised advert above…

Square format black and white landscape photograph. The viewpoint is from low down, across smoothly worn and eroded rocks and rockpools, which lead to a sandy beach in front of the two silhouetted pyramid shapes of the headlands beyond. Breaking waves are just visible on the horizon.

As usual, you can get a bigger picture by clicking on it. And that way, you may be able to pick out the dog running on the beach too.

3 thoughts on “pixels shop revamp (and a new photo)

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  1. Hmm, their prices for framed prints are not bad! They’re all gorgeous but I’ve been eyeing “forest edge 2417” for a while… Actually, though, what I’d really like is to use it for a book cover! I have a novelette I want to self-publish this spring and it would fit the story perfectly. Do you have my email? You can let me know what sort of price you might set on that!

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