It’s a rare day when neither of us is working, so we could go to take a clifftops walk with the dog together. Even rarer was the bright and relatively still day recently. Dark, grey, soaking wet and extremely windy days, the sort when you wish you had chosen a hamster for a pet and not a dog, have been the norm since Christmas.

Even so, at one stage Mrs. Bear ran out of patience with waiting around for me in photographer mode, so carried on ahead.

Understandable, photography is not really a team game.

The dog also thought standing around waiting for me was a bit boring, so opted to go with her.

Which turned out well, as I waited for them to get to the horizon so I could take this shot.

Click the image for a bigger version in a new tab.

13 thoughts on “horizons

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    1. Thank you.

      You have also been rendered anonymous by WordPress at the moment, hopefully you can return with your mystery persona unveiled next time…


    1. Ah… technical, eh?

      No, I don’t use filters, but I do use Adobe Lightroom to do my processing. There are a number of built-in B/W conversions, which do moderate the grey tone responses to the colours in the original image.
      You’ll notice that the sea is fairly dark also, so the b/w setting I’ve gone for is one that emphasizes blue tones a little, resulting in them being a darker tone in the final image. (The tone of the sky fades towards a lighter one on the left as the sun is over there.)

      A similar thing allowed the white poppy here: https://bearhumphreys.com/2022/11/12/white-poppy/
      So in the b/w mixing, I can manually move sliders to balance the grey tone mix of eight base colours, positive and negative, white to black. In the poppy’s case, it looked a mid-grey, until I simply blocked some of the red and magenta, so those tones looked more white in the result.

      So it is kind of similar to modifying a b/w film’s response to colours in advance, by using filters as you took the shot in the ‘old’ days, but I now can spend hours experimenting with these tweaks retrospectively, in the warm and dry at home. 😉

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      1. Ah, Adobe. I’ve only got a very basic comes-with-the-computer program that allows me to crop and…ah, that’s about it, really. Boost a few bits, I suppose. That Adobe fellow gives a very impressive result, though, especially the white poppy. I could almost be tempted to splash out on something like that. I could certainly believe you’d slapped a colour filter over your lens.

        Except after the last few books and CDs came through the post I think I’ve been banned from buying anything else for a while.

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        1. Haha… well, Adobe do a subscription thing, so you have always the latest versions of Photoshop (which I don’t use) and Lightroom (to download and use on as many computers as you have if you like) for about a tenner a month. So no CD’s… 😉

          I’ve been using Photoshop and other graphics stuff since computers were powered by steam, but I’m not into using a lot of the tricks that it makes possible on photographs… so just Lightroom suits me, I can do enough with that — and a lot of that other stuff, HDR and oversaturated colours etc, just leaves me cold.

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