the budleigh pines

In the excitement of not knowing what weekday it was between Christmas and New Year, I forgot to post a picture yesterday. This one is from the distant past when I lived in Devon. These pine trees, perched on what is now a high bank with the mouth of the snaking river Otter estuary gradually cutting down into the land below, are a famous landmark locally. The river meets the sea here, so the erosion action of the incoming tides are contributing to the cutting into the bank.

They must feature in no end of artworks and photographs. So of course, I added one of my own.

Click image for larger new tab version.

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the budleigh pines

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  1. Magnificent capture. Geological time scales are great things to focus on this time of year! Wishing you the best of health and creativity in 2023, Bear!

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    1. Thank you, Mike. I wonder how much change there has been since I took that one… should go back to have a look really, it’s been about eight years since I was there last, and it used to be an almost weekly destination.

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