We were effectively cut-off a couple of weeks ago. There was just a dusting of snowfall, but the problem was more the ice. It had been raining fairly well the day before the temperatures plummeted, so all the local lanes, covered in water running off the fields that day, became glassy surfaces overnight on which any grip at all was hard to find, even just on foot. The salt and grit treated roads were only three miles away, and probably people traveling on them would not have thought there was any problem, but we couldn’t get to them.

This is a hedgerow just opposite my house, with the bracken that had managed to hold on until this time of year now having every frond crisp with frost on the shaded side of the lane.

Zooming in is recommended, just click the picture to open a new full screen and zoomable version.

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  1. Ice is beautiful and photographs wonderfully. We live in the suburbs and were still trapped by the ice and snow, we couldn’t get our car up the steep icy hill it just slid back down and we didn’t get any grit either, at least we have the option of walking to the bus stop.


    1. Ha, yes, my parents road was similar. I suggested they slid down to the bus stop on a sledge, but they reckon they’re too old for that in their mid-seventies… 😉
      It’s the 3 mile walk to the nearest bus stop here, and you can catch a bus a whole twice a day… We’ve learned to have a weeks worth of reserve supplies stored in case of these odd events now.

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    1. Thank you… and it’s just as well I could see that this would make a good shot from my warm office window; I didn’t have to go very far, or risk any frost-bitten appendages to get it!

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  2. Your pic does justice to that lethal combination of low temperatures and precip! We’ve recently had extreme lows (for us) of -14C, which effectively shut down the city after a dumping of 30 cm of snow – quite off-brand for Vancouver. No buses , no mail, but a surplus of idiots with all-season tires who think they’re Verstappen. I’m soft after 12 years in Winnipeg – I bee-line for a Starbucks, dislike being out in it in my spare time, but my job demands outdoor work. All the best of the season, Bear!

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    1. Hi Wilt, nice to see you!

      Yes, we don’t have it so bad really…. keeping an eye on the reports about the conditions in the whole Americas continent at the moment keeps me grounded with some perspective about our relative states…

      Best wishes to all there, and may things free up soon!


    1. Hi Shannon, thank you!
      You, stopped by a little bit of ice? Nah, surely not… 😉
      It was quite frustrating, we’re at nearly the top of quite a steep hill on a single track lane, so immediately outside the house we have to either turn left on to the last part of the hill (on which was no grip, even for our 4WD) or go right down the hill – which was effectively a 300 metre bobsleigh run – which is followed by a similar hill UP again to the treated main road.
      It just wasn’t worth the risk until a local farmer went out and gritted the lane, fed up because his milk wasn’t being collected by the dairy’s tanker lorries not getting to him!

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      1. I am so glad to not be on a steep hill but my side street sees little help so I have to wait for it to melt out. Thankfully I can walk to a lot of places from my front door with the spikes on my shoes! You were smart to not try it with 4WD, ice is not joke. You can see so many videos from silly people in Seattle trying to drive, that is why I leave my car where it is!

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