the road ahead

I’ve got quite used to the one picture a week posting schedule. It seems quite manageable to find one picture worth posting on my blog, once a week. Some manage much more of course, because there are many people ‘passionate’ about photography out there.

All you need to know about how keen a photographer I am, is that I looked out of my office window this morning, saw that it was indeed a beautiful light as the sun rose, but decided not to go out and capture any of it with my camera because it was also bloody cold.

Anyway, here’s a picture of when I had to go out, even though it was cold and grey and damp, because I have a dog.

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    1. I think the sparse single tree on the horizon line makes it feel like that… it’s like life stops on that horizon for some reason… Wooooo… (we’re in your territory now, Mrs Spooky Writer!)

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