more trees

I like doing pictures of trees. They tend to just stand there, waiting for me to sort myself out, unlike some other subjects. And out of the twenty or thirty or so ‘experimental’ pictures I took on this walk, I think there were actually two quite good ones.

Experimental probably isn’t the right word for the end result though. I do have an idea of the composition and feel I want before taking it, but it takes a few goes to get the speed of the panning and shutter speed right to get the image I had in mind. So each frame is an ‘experiment’, but what I end up with here is actually the one that isn’t. You don’t see the (insert number you first thought of here – no, higher than that…) experiments to arrive at this.

By the way, having already posted on Saturday, I know I could have included this image then – obviously I can post more than one picture each time I publish, perhaps using the slideshow gallery option as I’ve done before a few times. But I do feel that having multiple shots on a post causes the Instagram-like/social media-type habit of just quickly scrolling through quickly, and not taking the time to properly take each one in.

I may be wrong. You tell me.

If you do tell me, I’ll carefully consider any valuable and thoughtful feedback you may give. Then I’ll probably ignore it and do whatever I feel like doing anyway.

You can click on the image to open it in its own tab.

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  1. Wow. I don’t know what the other “exposures” were like but this one is gorgeous! Love the paint-like effects you got, especially with the light at the tops of the trees.

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