whooshy stuff

I know what you’ve been thinking. Does he still do that whooshy stuff? (I know you weren’t thinking that really, but I had to start the post somehow…)

Yes. Yes, he does.

This is from Davidstow woods yesterday. It feels a bit dark, but still optimistic in that the pathway to the light is obviously close.

As usual, you can click on the photo to enlarge it in a new tab.

Is now a good time to mention my RedBubble shop again? Or are you too busy with your Christmas shopping?

Oh… a picture for a present, that may be a different idea. What a coincidence that I thought of that idea then. Most of them are a lot more colourful than this dark and moody one, and on stuff like notebooks and little pouches you can use for pencil cases too. Very umm… gifty.

I’ll just place this link here.

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  1. This photo is perhaps my favorite of yours yet! Dark but with an infinitesimal streak of optimism—that’s pretty much me, and fortunately I have friends who’d agree that this image beautifully expresses the wish that the noisy, garish holiday season will be over soon! 😁

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