white poppy

I have an account on the social network that is making headlines at the moment. Mastodon, previously a little-known geek project (certainly was when I first tried it in 2017 anyway), is growing rapidly due to the meltdown of Twitter and its new owner, and a huge escaping herd of tweeters are migrating that way now. In one of the photographic communities, they were sharing their black and white macro work, which I didn’t think I had many images suitable for. I was right, but after a few minutes in my files and some twiddling of various knobs and switches in Adobe Lightroom, I did have something to share with them.

Of course, it’s Remembrance weekend here, normally symbolised with the famous red poppy. I would prefer to wear a white one, which you can find out more about here.

After suitable adjustment, I was pleased to find I could present one of our red poppies from this summer as a white one.

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  1. Since you don’t have a link to share on Mastodon (no criticism intended; neither do I) I thought, in the spirit of irony, I’d share this on Twitter. I’m on both at the moment. I’m still trying to figure out Mastodon, but then I’m still trying to figure out Twitter and I’ve been there a lot longer.

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    1. Hi Ellen, yes, I didn’t put one in the article, but I have added it to the bottom of my About page now, and there’s a small text one at the bottom of the widgets column over there to the right at the moment – they haven’t got a fancy button graphic or anything, so I’m working on that right now to make it more obvious!

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    1. Thank you, dangly!
      Mastodon is vaguely familiar in a lot of ways, but also hugely different. Once you get set and over the initial differences, and find your feet, the vibe is much less confrontational, shouty and snarky (there’s no algorithm designed for riling people up to propagate ‘engagement’, no advertisers to feed with good numbers) and as a result, people feel free to express themselves in ways other than passing on and promoting the latest outrage. It’s cool.

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