down the middle

When we were looking to move down to Cornwall, my wife had a shortlist of desired characteristics for the ideal location. One of the items was ‘it should be on the kind of lane that has grass growing down the middle’.

Sorted. But I’m not picking up all the fallen leaves.

As usual, you can click on the picture for a full tab view.

6 thoughts on “down the middle

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  1. I recall the others were;
    Room for chickens- should I decide to have them
    Walk in pantry
    A garden and house I can run naked round- should I wish to!
    And yes, it’s a tick to all!!

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    1. I always thought having a room just for chickens was a bit too much, but we did do well to get the three pottery studios in. (Note to Readers: That’s not as posh as it sounds; the dining room, a shed and a garage were their original uses…)

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