a warm morning

The UK is currently parched.

Many readers in properly hot regions may be harrumphing (or whatever other unimpressed and dismissive noises they wish to make) as we are experiencing a heatwave here getting in to the mid 30’s (that’s centigrade, other temperature measuring scales are available) and exclaiming ‘That’s nothing, we have (insert insanely hot temperature here) before we even feel the need to put shorts on.

I don’t care. The British people are not used to proper heat. We evolved to be comfortable in our local conditions. That’s anything in the range of 0-20° C, normally with generous amounts of rain on almost an hourly basis. Yes, I know, we’re going to have to get used to it, but while it’s occurring occasionally, rather than being the norm, it takes some dealing with while we learn how to cope.

Anyway, because of the temperatures, I took my dog up to the fort for her walk in the early morning, before it became too unpleasantly and dangerously hot for her to enjoy herself at all.

I took a picture of this long range view, looking south-east towards Dartmoor, where the morning haze in the atmosphere was yet to burn off in some of the distant and shallow valleys.

You can click to make the picture full screen. You can play ‘spot the houses’ as well.

6 thoughts on “a warm morning

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    1. Haha, well maybe the last moisture has just gathered together in an attempt to be the furthest away from the sun it can get, until it gets evaporated along with the rest of the atmosphere.

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    1. Yep, in the UK we don’t generally have AC domestically, we’re not extremely hot often.
      We don’t have severe snow and ice measures at our airports and on most roads, because we don’t get extremely cold often…
      We don’t have flooding protection measures on many rivers passing through towns and cities, because we don’t get extreme rainfall (just ‘steady’!)…
      but now, extreme, with extra extreme on top, is getting more and more common.

      I worry that increasing AC is just getting into a perpetuating cycle. It feels like increasing energy use to mitigate the effects of having already burned too much to make energy…
      Ah well, I’m sure the planet will recover nicely after we’ve finished ourselves off.

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      1. It’s a vicious cycle and we’ll all pay the price eventually. If climate doesn’t get us first, politicians certainly will. It’s sad and scary, but at least you still have that beautiful landscape.

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