some days, some views

As you can probably tell if you have visited me before, I do like to mainly shoot and present my pictures in black and white.
But some days and some views – especially if the seas are spectacularly blue – need the colour left in them.

This view is looking south on Cornwall’s Atlantic north coast, near Boscastle. All the headlands have what are now their little islands just off them, which I suppose eventually the seas will wear down to nothing after the same seas carved them off the land in the first place. We’ll never see that though.

The last relatively visible headland is the legendary Tintagel castle (that’s the Wikipedia link, which as usual for Wikipedia has more information than you would ever want to know about the subject, and is probably now slightly different in some way to when I read it).

Confusingly, the castle shaped thing you can make out is not Tintagel castle, it’s a modernish hotel run by a complete loony. The island at the same height to the right of it is Tintagel castle.

In the haze of the horizon you can just make out Trevose Head, at Padstow. That’s around twenty miles away. The distance haze was just a bit too much to be able to make out the lighthouse that stands on that headland this time, but there are days when you can make that out too.

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  1. What a magnificent blue. Sorry to hear about the crackpot in the ‘castle’. I’ll be sure to avoid that if I ever make it over there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, David. I like to get out on my local section of coast path… can’t manage dawn walks like you though!

      By the way, I seem to have lost following your blog somehow, and in trying to register again on your site, it won’t accept my email. Possibly a WordPress glitch, there’s some odd stuff going on at present! Perhaps I’ll follow your twitter to see when your post something instead!


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