Hope you like the titling technique… If you can’t think of a good title, just take a few relevant words and smash them together (hat tip to ‘Richard Osman’s House of Games’ Answer Smash round).

Anyway, I chose to take my camera with me on one of my daily dog walks, although with low and damp cloud blanketing the woods it didn’t seem promising. I chose to take my Macro lens, which I probably don’t post enough shots from – but I really haven’t been taking a lot of shots of any sort, so I suppose that could be another reason as well…

It hadn’t rained, but there was a damp mist sitting on the hills, sometimes rolling down so that we where consumed by it, then momentarily clearing into patches of relative brightness. At a couple of hundred metres or so above sea level here, and not far from the coast, we often find ourselves wrapped in this sort of murky wet vapour.

I noticed the spiders webs, descending in to the depths of the gorse and capturing the moisture in droplets all the way down.

The thorny gorse is blooming, with long strands of little coconut-scented yellow flowers on each stem. For this one, I took a shot of the droplets on a thorn, looking down from the end of one of the stalks.

Click on any of the images to open a bigger and new tab version, if you’d like to inspect them any closer!

These pictures are now available as prints and cards on my Redbubble store.

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    1. Thanks, dangly… looks we’ll be waiting a long time for any new chances to capture rain drops again… so lets both try not to set stuff on fire in the meantime, eh?

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