Something weird happened. I’m sorry if you followed a link for a new post and it now says there is nothing there. My last post published for a second time for some reason (someone playing with buttons they don’t really understand, I expect… ahem…), so I deleted it.

The original, posted earlier in the day, is here.

By way of apology, here’s another picture taken on the same day that didn’t fit into the hawthorn theme of the earlier post. It’s a funnel web spider lying in wait at the bottom of its web in the gorse, having earlier enjoyed most of a gatekeeper butterfly (it appears the wings aren’t nutritionally worth bothering with) for its dinner.

This is a tiny, about 1 centimetre wide European cousin of the 1 metre width man-eating Australian one, so this wasn’t a dangerous encounter.

Obviously, if you really don’t like spiders and this was a horrible, gory and frightening picture, then another apology is due.

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