“Do you ever take pictures of people?”

This question was asked of me by a friend, who I think was angling to have someone take their forthcoming wedding pictures for them on the cheap.

Obviously, she had seen my photographs on the blog and recognised that humans weren’t in many… sorry, any of them.

Truth be told, I much prefer places where there aren’t many… sorry, any people.

But occasionally a few of them are about. I mean, they get everywhere, even if they’re not really being where they are.

6 thoughts on ““Do you ever take pictures of people?”

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    1. Thanks Ida, having a cream tea at the Haven cafe (jam on first) when I saw them there, I think a silhouette was the only shot possible!


  1. This is the kind of people photo I like to see. Also, possibly, the only kind of people I’d like to be around. Gorgeous job!

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      1. Ha, true! But it’s weird; I seriously only noticed the wine glasses! It seems phones have intruded so deeply into our lives that they barely register as separate from the people holding them… 😬

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