no mow

Not my best technical quality photography ever (cropped and high ISO means a lot of grain… and if I’m honest, the focus is a bit out too… and it was taken through the office window, which may have some Saharan sand on it outside from the recent wind and rain too… enough excuses…) but I had to show you what happens if you leave the dandelions to grow in the lawn for a bit, before yanking them out as ‘weeds’ as soon as they appear. If we get a brighter morning, and they come a bit closer to my office window, I’ll post an improved one!

A squadron of Goldfinches is visiting every morning, about eight to ten at a time, hopping about to find and rip the developing seed heads apart, just before they can get to unfolding in the familiar ‘clocks’. I suspect the seeds are slightly softer and easier to digest at this earlier stage.

7 thoughts on “no mow”

  1. Hooray for dandelions! I love your goldfinches; over here they don’t have that striking bit of red, but they’re still beautiful (and they love how seldom we mow the lawn!)

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    1. It’s a win-win with dandelions, often the first attraction for early bumble bees and other insects as well… my Dad just does not get that I love having so many of them on my ‘lawn’, he’s all feed and weed and mow very short weekly in the warmer seasons…

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    1. He’s a handsome chap… or she’s a pretty lass… they’re not a sexually dimorphic species, and I didn’t have time to ask.


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