warbstow bury clouds

I know I have taken, and posted, a lot of photographs of this place, but that is because I am normally there at least three or four times a week.

The bank to the left is the inner wall of the Iron Age fort remains, the deep gulley surrounding it being created by the moving of the earth to make the wall. I just liked the two linear clouds juxtaposed against the more organically-flowing shapes in the land.

Found a site with a few fly arounds of the site with a drone to watch, if you’re interested.

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    1. I suppose if you’re used to the current manmade surroundings of urban life, yes, it is otherworldly — of course it is still manmade, just way before concrete and oil spoiled it all.

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  1. That is a tremendous shot, especially informed by the aerial view you linked to. Love me some lenticular clouds, and those are great ones!

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