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My Redbubble store occasionally sends me an email starting ‘Congratulations, you’ve made a sale!‘ When I say occasionally, I do mean it’s very much at the ‘Oh wow, yes! I forgot it was still there…‘ level. So a recent email informing me of the purchase of one of my images as an extra large canvas print (50 x 50cm) was a very nice surprise – and if the purchaser is reading this, thank you.

The image that was chosen was already my best seller, an early one from my explorations of the Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) technique. In fact, I had ordered some prints of it myself as well, among similar calm and peaceful pictures, for the bedrooms of the holiday properties I manage. (Ad break: They look great, even in the smallest 20cm prints from only £10.29, that you can frame yourself in very affordable Ikea frames – or better ones than that, if you’re not a skinflint like me… Ad break over)

It is of a landscape view towards Bude, as it looked in the summer months from the high point of Warbstow Bury.

For the technical, the light levels are reduced with a Neutral Density filter by six stops, then a pan of the camera during a 1/4 second exposure is enough to smear the often spoiling details of pylons and ugly farm buildings. This leaves just an impression of the colours and shapes of the landscape, with its curves of hills, differing colours of the crops and the dividing hedgerows, which is why I publish these types of shots under a category title of ‘Impressionist Photography’ when I use it.

Here are a few more using a similar technique (click any image to start a full screen slideshow).

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    1. Thank you, Ida. Looking at the blog numbers, I’m showing it off to fewer people these days, so I’m glad to still hear the occasional compliment!


  1. This (any of these) would be a stunning large print! If I only had the space for it… but in the meantime now that I have an income again I should stroll over and pick up a few things. I love the little cubes, actually. They also make the best gifts, since they don’t need to be framed!

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    1. Ah, thank you Sun. I will have to upload the three new ones that are in the gallery bit here to the store too, hopefully later today.

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        1. Ah, well I see you have made that choice now… I’ll have to sort you out with a loyalty card! Thank you, Sun, I hope you enjoy them.

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    1. I sent you an answer via email… but it’s yes. And no. Sort of. I hope that’s clear.

      (For anyone else reading, square image onto rectangular mug format doesn’t really go, but there are compromises…)

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