life and death

Birch tree starting to come into leaf on a bright, early-spring day, Warbstow churchyard.

Please excuse my post now being very short and to the point. I think that that one of the things keeping me from posting more often is me feeling like I have to come up with some angle or story to go with the pictures. So I think I’ll just try posting photos with just a brief description in future. If anyone has any questions, I’ll happily answer them in the comments of course!

We’ll see if that change in approach takes posting here up to more than once a month. Might work!

8 thoughts on “life and death”

    1. Slightly disappointing that the name on the gravestones is just ‘Smith’ though… you’d think in the depths of Cornwall it could be more ‘Trelawney’ or something! 😉

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    1. This is a ‘from the archives’ shot from a couple of years ago, in April I think. There are definitely some of the earlier signs of new spring life coming now though.


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