a different bargain clearance

The globalisation, and modern international air travel, that makes it easy for general incompetence to spread new virus variants about the world, have also been operating to spread this Black Friday consumerist disease around over recent years. It got into the UK a long time ago, but of course the accompanying Americanism of Thanksgiving that spawned it hasn’t. At least we can be thankful for that.

Anyway, unusually for me, I’ve made this image available on a different item to the normal prints available in my online shops today. It’ll be handy to have ready if you have a couple of minutes to spare for a #2minutebeachclean –or local neighbourhood road, street, hedgerows or lane clean– to help with clearing some of the remains of all the consumerism up.

Click the picture to go to the store.

It’s a fresh edit of a similar picture from my files that I’ve posted before, showing the different types of footprints humans have left on the world.

I always have a cotton bag similar to this in my camera bag’s pocket anyway, all scrunched up and taking up little space until I sadly spot the need to use it. Then I put whatever I’ve picked up in the proper recycling, take the bag home, and get it washed and dried ready for next time.

So I thought it might be cool to have this image on one, to show others what I’m trying to help to prevent when they see me scuttling up and down the beach, occasionally leaning down and picking up some assortment of washed up bottle tops, fishing line, or the plentiful miscellaneous plastic pot fragments.

And you can order one too. Alternatively, you can follow this #2minutebeachclean link to read, and perhaps join or support the foundation directly for yourself.

A not-very-subtle reminder that I have shops, at
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9 thoughts on “a different bargain clearance”

    1. Yep, every tide brings more stuff, big and small, for our local beach clean group. Smallest are those microplastic bits we have to sieve out of the sand, largest was a 3 ton bouy!

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        1. Yeah, it’s not something we do all the time, perhaps if one of the various charities and agencies the group are involved with are doing a monitoring exercise or survey of some type. It’s a pretty disheartening thing to see rafts of microplastics floating in the rockpools and knowing you can’t do an awful lot to get anything like enough of it out.

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  1. This is a great idea. Anything is worth a try; you never know what will actually penetrate the fog and get someone to do even one small beneficial thing like this.

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    1. Yep, the 2minutebeachclean stations at beaches locally have been emptied of the litter pickers recently, due to the virus restrictions, so taking my own bag is a necessity at the moment.

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    1. Ad blockers on internet browsers and only watching recorded programmes so we can fast forward through the ads has saved us! Just Christmas to get through now… 😉

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