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Just sitting here and thinking of some relevant wording to add to my pictures for this post. Don’t mind me.

Tell you what, I’ll post the pictures for you to look at now, while I carry on and think of the angle I’m going to take for the text.

As usual, you can click on the pictures to get a new tab-filling version for a closer look.

I have plenty of pictures looking out to sea, but this is looking back towards Crackington for a change. As you can see from the footprints, a nice low tide means lots of people, and their dogs, have already been walking down here.
The depth of sand deposited on the turn of each tide means that the amount of exposed rock varies. Today it was probably a 50-80cm higher level of sandy beach than the previous day, so only the snaking spines of the rocky sea bed were showing through it at low tide.

OK, thought of the words.

It was a still, bright and crisp, late-Autumn day, so with the tides in our favour for having lots of beach for the dog to run madly about on, we headed down there to wear her out.

You’ve already seen the pictures.

Well, that’s it now.

I’ll just add a gratuitous one of Gwynnik for you then.

I’ll just add that, although you can’t see them here, Gwynnik does have a matching pair of back legs.

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    1. Thanks Steve. Yes, always looking for that human scaling for a landscape. It’s not always there in off-season though… and too much of it in high season!


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