A bit of early abstract and abandoned

Having been looking through my orchard pictures from a few years ago, I found a couple of my earlier compositions.

These appeared to focus on an old mobile unit left in one of the larger orchards, perhaps originally intended as a store or shed for use by the growers and pickers. Now, it was gradually receding into the expanding hedgerow, windows probably breached by bored local youths for some target practise. It was definitely getting more visually interesting to me as it was being less practically useful to the farmer.

This was obviously an evening walk, the colours and shadows look to me like it was perhaps at the ‘golden hour’ of a summer evening, a time just before sunset where the light is low but warm, and casting longer shadows than the full, more direct glare of daytime.

Click on the pictures for a full tab view.

I have put versions of these on my Redbubble store, just in case anybody fancies pictures of peeling paint on corrugated iron, or shattered windows on a caravan, as some decoration in their home. Just tell anyone thinking you’re odd it’s art, and they’re obviously not clever enough to get it… that’s how the professional critics do it.

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10 thoughts on “A bit of early abstract and abandoned

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    1. Glad you like them, dangly. They are ‘new’ photos in regards to framing/cropping because I reprocessed the originals that I keep as RAW files. Occasionally have a bit of a look, these were back from 2015.

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        1. I have Lightroom and just do basic cropping/colour and light adjustments. I do have the full Photoshop, so I suppose could do more in-depth or creative things with the current tech tools as well–and I have used it in the (distant) past for more creative graphic design and artwork type pieces.

          But I think I fall a bit short on the imagination front for too much of that these days… and I’m told I ‘fiddle about on that damned PC’ for long enough as it is…

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          1. Ah… does he have a Flickr account? I know you mentioned iStock or something, but I can’t see how to search for a specific photographer/artist on that.

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  1. These are all fascinating! I particularly love the effect of that vine growing up inside the caravan and the way the leaves complement the broken glass. Very cool.

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