Orchards in Devon

One of the few things I miss about where I used to live in Devon, is enjoying the orchards of thousands of cider apple trees that virtually encircled the village. The most spectacular experiences of walking the dog and watching wildlife around the acres of regimented trees, particularly at blossom time, is a hard thing to match in the salty-aired winds of coastal North Cornwall, although of course there are many other different benefits to enjoy here.

As usual, click on the picture for a bigger full tab view.

Note: These are from 2012, so zooming in will demonstrate a difference in image quality from what is available to me now!

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    1. I used to walk those orchards maybe six or seven times a week, all year long. Occasions when deer encounters were had AND I had the camera with me and was ready to shoot were much rarer!

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  1. Very nice Bear. We have two apple trees in our front yard, hummingbirds and human beings alike pilfer their wares. We don’t live in as elemental an environment as you do, but do live a 5 minute walk (if you walk at a fast clip) from Central Park in Vancouver, about 215 acres of green space and duck ponds, in a lush West Coast old growth forest. That has done wonders for the blood pressure and roiling brain.

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    1. We’re going to try some apple trees here, just to see if it can be done. Even though we’re about 8km from the coast, and at 220 metres above sea level, the air is laden with salt, so trees need to be sheltered from the winds a bit to survive–even then, there aren’t many species that grow high in the countryside here.
      Glad you have a green place to escape to, I certainly can’t imagine not having any at all.


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