Hawthorn Blossom Time

Always lovely to see the Hawthorn trees coming out in their spectacular blossoming, after a winter of them just showing off their–equally photogenic–twisting and gnarled, skeletal and austere-looking structure during their days of basic survival. This is what they hang on for, with their skewed and precarious looking positions, out in the windiest and harshest spots of the landscape.

In these days of unbelievably mega-pixeled digital camera ownership (42 million or so of them!) and lenses that don’t have a softening and spidery fungus growing in them, if you look carefully you can make out a couple of bees in this one, drawn to the bounteous feeding opportunity. And, in the immediate area of the tree, in the darker sky areas and when zooming in tightly, I can make out tiny pale spots which, I think, rather than spots on my camera sensor, is pollen being blown out of the blooms–you may not be able to see that at the resolution I have reduced the images to for posting here.

You can click on the image to fill your screen, there are at least two bees… but I cropped a part showing one of the bees heading for filling his boots from the blossom below.

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  1. Gorgeous. We have a LOT of hawthorn here, and blackthorn, it’s all in full bloom at the moment and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it looking so spectacular. Our country roads and lanes look like they’ve been decorated for an outdoor wedding.

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    1. They are so tenacious in where they hang on as well, it’s like, ‘Oh, 100 mph winds and only 50mm of soil on top of a bit of granite? Yeah, no problem…’

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  2. I have an affinity for the precarious opportunists among the trees myself. Sadly the only places I see hawthorn in these parts are the botanical gardens and they don’t feel so magnificently wild… but the bees still appreciate them. Love that they’re captured here along with the pollen bursts!

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    1. Yep, could be pollen, could be dirt on my screen…
      I see someone from the US has been in my Redbubble shop again recently, so that’s one fan over there, 330-odd million to go. 😉 Thank you.

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      1. I’m glad you mentioned that because I wanted to tell you, the effect of your explosion of starlings in an acrylic square is perfect! I will have to find the best light in which to Instagram it and get those other millions into your shop. 😉

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