Clifftop View

Wandering along the coastal path and looking down over the cliffs onto the breaking waves on the seas below. But perhaps not as straightforwardly photographed as it is described.

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7 thoughts on “Clifftop View

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    1. Haven’t seen that myself, and I don’t know if I will, but yes, I do think all the natural processes taking place in the world are a wonder that deserve to be appreciated, just as much as the showy headline acts!


    1. Thanks, David… Funny you should say that, I happen to know where you could buy one if you really wanted… 😉


        1. Nah, me being typically cheeky.
          I know the feeling anyway, my wife is a potter… There are very few walls that don’t have shelves of pots and various umm… ‘ceramic art pieces’, leaving no blank wall space for displaying my humble efforts!


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