An Anniversary and Other News

It is the third anniversary of the day when this humble little blog, not really attended to with much in the way of care in the previous six or seven months, was featured on WordPress Discover.

It went mad for a few days. Like from about 30 followers to 8 or 900 mad.

Since then, I have lavished a similar level of care and attention to this blog overall, and consequently most of the 1,027 followers currently counted on the statistics page have rarely been seen since originally commenting and pledging to follow my blog in that week, three years ago.

So thank you to the loyal few of you who I did gain through that exposure, who have put up with my not-very-prolific 15-20 posts a year since, and have regularly visited whenever one of these relative rarities turns up.

Roughtor, looking West, click for full size.

I’ve had a little spring clean and it was quite… enthusiastic. Many of my older posts are not there any more. In fact, at least 100 of the last 130 posts aren’t.

Anyone who knows my tendencies in that regard from my other blogs will be used to this sort of occasional urge–and sometimes regretted action–to declutter, clear out and start again.

Anyway, I’ve done that here now. So if you get a sense of deja vu when seeing an image here, it’ll probably be because, although I might have posted it here before, the post it was on isn’t here if you search for it.

I also dropped the Cornish Bears Photos name for the blog and have adopted Bear Humphreys Photo. Although I am (half) Cornish and very proud of it, I just felt my sort of photography isn’t always what visitors might be expecting of a blog with a title proclaiming Cornish heritage. The pictures here are not always of the nice and sunny tourist destinations looking at their best.

Morning Mist Clearing, Wilsey Woods, click for full size

I am having another go at being on Flickr, the photo sharing site. From what I can see about how it’s meant to work it should suit me in theory, as I’m not really that social and can’t be bothered with all the hashtags and emojis of some some other sites. If any of you photographer types who are reading are also on there and want to do whatever people are meant to do there–follow, invite to groups or whatever–the link is here… Flickr link.

I have kept the Twitter account in my spring cleaning so far but… well, I don’t do much with it to be honest, but if the notification goes off for any reason, I still have it.

Of course, I have kept the Redbubble and Pixel shops, where prints and cards (and other madder stuff, if I forgot to turn it off) can be purchased.

Although they are also likely to have a ‘revamp’ of their contents over the next few days as I appear to be in that kind of mood.

21 thoughts on “An Anniversary and Other News

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    1. Ah yes. I had posted before about how the Cornish one (yes, that is the one) is known sometimes by one word ‘Roughtor’ locally and on the Forestry England car park signs at the actual place (‘rough’ pronunciation like rowing a boat), and on OS maps as the separate words Rough Tor (where I suspect OS men used Rough as in ruffians… Oxbridge accents I expect…)

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Get out!
            When I stop for a bit of refreshment on an afternoon walk, it is never a sign for ‘Jam Teas’ that gets me interested.
            Jam, as on a scone in fact, has only a very minor supporting role, and doesn’t even get any credit on the posters for ‘Cream Teas’, so there’s no way you should see it on top in the final performance.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Well, let’s just say the place and moment of invention is neither here nor there when it is called ‘A Cornish Pasty’, and not ‘A Devon Pasty’… but I’ll happily come and watch you order a Devon Pasty in any Cornish bakery to see what happens.

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    1. Thanks David… I really ought to be popping over to yours a bit more often, but as you can see from my blogging regularity, I’m not on much!


  1. Bear

    Your photo (not of you haha, but of the Cornish coast) still hangs in a place of honour in our master bedroom. I have been on other social media sites, though still post regularly here. Hope you and yours are in good health as we are here. I’ll dispense with the C19 commentary – we haven’t had it, and still waiting for our jabs (16% done in BC right now).


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    1. Hey Wilt, thanks for dropping by. Mrs B had Covid but I got away with it somehow… She still has some issues with sense of smell, but otherwise all cleared up and both of us half vaccinated. Best to all. 🙂


  2. EXQUISITE image up there! WOW!!!
    And 🎉Congratulations!!!🎉 for your 3 years!
    I just had my 14th here & in honor of that I grabbed my domain & started up the blog again. Please forgive my absence, haven’t been active on WP for a long time, trying to catch up. 🎉Congratulations🎉 for the WP feature, too! Your work is brilliant & I’m sooo happy to be one of you Followers!! 👏👏♥️👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Robin, I appreciate all the support. I’ll answer to your other comments as well soon, but the garden calls for the moment… sun is out and I have a list of jobs to do before I am allowed to rest/be on the computer again 😉

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