Yeah, it’s kind of been that way for me. I see, from some of the photo blogs that I follow on here, that it has not been the same for everyone. Many of them have been happily getting on in some form or another, posting new images and other content for viewers to read and look at, whereas I have basically been in a photographic hibernation.

I took my camera out with me yesterday, and I’m still finding it hard to get enthused. Of course, we can’t go far, so most places–though spring is starting to emerge now–have been the same dull, dreary, wind-blown and rain-soaked surroundings in flat and uninspiring light for the last few months.

Perhaps, like Mrs H’s car out on the drive, inactive for months now, the battery has gone flat through lack of use. I didn’t even load up and process any pictures from the dog walk come photo session until this morning, normally I’m doing that as soon as I can get the images uploaded on to the PC, minutes after getting home.

And when I did, I felt like exaggerating some of the quite abstract vignettes, and perhaps using some disconcertingly framed compositions. I don’t quite know what that says. But I notice it’s all about the water, how that is constantly flowing and moving forwards, through, round and over what seems like the fixed landscape.

And even when I tried processing a fairly conventional landscape shot, this morning I felt that the haze conditions down there yesterday enhanced this feeling, like the future might be better out there somewhere but it’s slightly obscured and not totally clear yet.

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  1. These are beautiful. Something “constantly flowing and moving forwards, through, round and over what seems like the fixed landscape” is good for the soul right now.

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    1. Thank you Sun. It’s nice to know the words are appreciated. I think I write too much on this blog, but perhaps once in a while a comment like yours turns up…
      OK, I think that’s the first one!

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