Dewy Dandelion

Mrs H of Cornwall suggested that this shot might be nice on cards for this time of year, I think because the dew creates little sparkly bits like frost–so that’s ‘seasonal’.

Consequently I have now made greetings cards with this picture on available in my Redbubble and Pixel stores, with the title ‘Dewy Dandelion’, because I’m full of imagination like that.

There are the many types of prints still available of course, and the shop photos don’t have my copyright text on.

11 thoughts on “Dewy Dandelion

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        1. Haha… well, possibly, for natures sake, it’s best not to anyway. They’re all a lot happier when us humans don’t try to control the place quite so much!


  1. I wish Mrs. H. had suggested this a little sooner, or I’d have added it to my order! Well, if I know RB, they will tempt me with a coupon soon. You may save me from having to come up with a new lino-print design for my solstice cards this year. My mind is just a blank…

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