Rain Again

I don’t do too much in the way of wildlife or bird photography. I do like to watch what is going on in the natural world while I’m out walking, but I simply haven’t got the patience to sit about and wait for a good story or moment to come together within range of my lenses for photography.

This one came about from my finding that out, when I set a ‘hide’ up in my shed doorway using an old tarpaulin over the open doorway and a feeder station hanging just above a vaguely natural looking perching point.

I lasted about an hour, then I realised my bum had gone numb, my tea was cold and the biscuits were gone, so that was that.

5 thoughts on “Rain Again

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    1. Thank you David.
      It comes from a time I was so trying to have the patience required to be a wildlife photographer. Alas, the only way I found I could manage it was by setting up my garden shed as a hide, so I could go off and have a fresh cup of tea from the house just a few yards away every now and then!

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