Nice Picture

Today, I am answering a letter from a reader.

It is from a Mrs H, in Cornwall.

Dear Bear,

I wondered if I might make a request? Don’t forget it’s bin night on Friday.

Also, have you got a ‘normal’ photograph to show us by any chance?

Not one like the whooshy abstract things you do — and I do find some of the black and white work too miserable, dark and moody, never mind that you are presumably presenting it as some sort of artistic endeavour which is often the only result of you disappearing into your office for hours on end and forgetting it’s bin night.

I mean a normal one. You know, like you would see if you were there yourself? Perhaps some blue skies and nice scenery?

Mrs H,
PS. Don’t forget the bins again.
PPS. It’s recycling as well this week

Well, thank you for you letter Mrs H. I have delved into my archives and come up with this picture for you. It is taken from a high cliff on the North Cornwall coast, pragmatically called ‘High Cliff’, and looking northwards from there.

I hope that you enjoy it.

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