East Woods Light Show

There is a woods behind the beach of Crackington Haven, East Woods in the Ludon Valley–the Ludon being the stream that cuts down through it.

It’s a good and proper native woodland that is managed with only a light touch, letting nature mostly just get on with things itself. So fallen trees stay where they are, unless they’re blocking a pathway, and all the vegetation, saplings and undergrowth fights for any space and light among it all. More in the way you’d find when more of the country was like this and not the tightly human-filled, ‘managed’ landscapes, and cleared grey concrete deserts of roads and cities we have in the UK now.

In the summer, when the beach is busy, it’s a nice restful place to walk, under the dappled light. I’ve chosen to use B/W for these because, although the many types of green are still lovely in their own way, the pools of light patches, and shape and shade contrasts, get lost in the colour versions.

Click on an image to enable the full sized versions.

4 thoughts on “East Woods Light Show

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    1. Yep, I think you’re right, and in this case it’s the light contrasts more than the colour of the things that are in it that makes it all work (I think looks pretty ordinary in colour actually!)


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