Needs Some Paint

Carrying on from the theme of black and white pictures of the abandoned, this is of the overgrown driveway and garage of an empty property just up the road from me.

Just a note, the area I live in is not abandoned and falling down in general and there are a much greater number of really nice places, it’s just that estate agents can take photographs of them to emphasise how nice they are for their reasons, and I do the interestingly textured empty ones to emphasise how decayed they are for mine.

6 thoughts on “Needs Some Paint

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  1. I think the starkness of the black and white makes the pictures interesting. Ruins and old run-down places spark my imagination. Anyone looking at a real estate picture should know what they are really looking at. I hope you plan on doing some more.

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    1. Thanks Herb. It’s always been a subject I like. I’m sure I’ve got a few more of them under the ‘Black and White’ category on here but yes, always keeping an eye out and there’s more to be done.

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