Shed – Retired

I do love a tumbledown or abandoned building, especially when nature appears to be in an advanced stage of winning all the materials back.

Clicking on any of the photos makes it full screen–well, that’s the intention anyway.

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    1. It’s all the textures Ellen, given the right light as well it just makes for so much interest in the shot–as well as the wider point of our marks on the world being temporary of course.

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  1. You have just inspired me to encourage some vines to grow up over my own shed in the hopes that they will slowly and artfully demolish it. (I’m sure I can explain this project to my landlords.) But unfortunately the original edifice is nowhere near as interesting and multi-textured as this one…

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    1. Imagine the number of birds nests hidden in there, the shelter from predators, the food for the bees and insects when it flowers… These are all good reason to let some wildness take over somewhere in anyone’s garden I would say.

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    1. Thanks, yep, someone has to take photos of them! I noticed the gates that I posted a picture of a few days ago ( been destroyed by the wind in the last couple of days, so those were probably the last ones taken of them (mainly because no one else would bother I expect).


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