Wintry Warbstow

It doesn’t snow very often in Cornwall. To relations living in a more northerly UK latitude I joke that it’s because we are near the equator here, compared to them anyway.

This was the second hit in a couple of weeks, the last one hung around for two or three days and we were genuinely snowed in, farm vehicles were the only traffic capable of moving in our lanes.

Today the 3 inches or so was already melting away by lunchtime after coming down yesterday so we headed up to Warbstow Bury, the ancient hill fort site with panoramic views over the countryside, for our walk.

DSC01729Mar 19 2018.jpg

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  1. Like you, we don’t get much snow. We went to the New Forest yesterday and it was beautiful with the snow on the bare branches of the trees and all the ground white.

    I’m trying to imagine the bits of Cornwall I know from summer holidays under three inches of snow and I can’t.

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    1. It wasn’t safe for us to get to the usual beaches unfortunately but I’m sure some people local to them have posted their pictures up. I know a friend of mine put some footage he shot from his drone which was quite stunning.

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    1. Thanks, us Cornish aren’t designed for cold though so hopefully it’ll be a long time before there’s another snowy picture!


    1. Not many types of tree like growing in the high parts like this one due to the salt-laden winds coming in over the sea. These gnarly hawthorns need to be tough.

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    1. Thank you, yep, the more colourful seasons might see a return to colour for me… we’ll see,. I only use it if the shot needs the colour to work rather than anything else.


    1. Yes it is. I like this scene as well so you’ll probably see it pop up in its different seasonal variations too.


    1. Yes, Scribblans came to a sticky end. With a stick.

      OK, it was a baseball bat.

      Doubtless the personality will be effectively reincarnated, revitalised and nailed back on a perch in some form, one day.

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